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Check availability for the Dufftown Distilleries Walk


Take a look at the calendar to see available tours. If the day is blank it means it is free for you to book the tour that you wish!

If the day is RED, sorry there is no tour possible that day. Please note we only provide one walk per day. Once you know the day and walk that you would like please e-mail us. Booking is essential - if I have no bookings I will not be doing a tour.

BOOK NOW! or you can call if you would rather talk through any queries you may have.

NEW! WHISKY & GOLF PACKAGE: Whisky and Golf are the perfect marriage, well what doesn't go with whisky? No matter what your handicap or even if you have never hit a golf ball in your life, Andrew will take you to a local golf course and will guarantee that you get the ball on the tee! We pair golf courses with the offerings from their local distillery, a dram during play always helps the score! The package of the extended Dufftown Distilleries Walk and a round of Golf costs a bargain £64!

If you wish to spend a few days in Speyside and would like me to organise this with you please get in touch. This is seperate from the distilleries walk calendar.